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Adequate ventilation in a polytunnel structure is essential to maintain optimum growing conditions. We provide a range of ventilation options that allow you to choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution that meets your needs. At Polybuild, we can provide the right environment for your crops. With the right ventilation system, you can also extend your growing season.

Range of ventilation systems

Polytunnel gable end ventilation - Ideal for smaller structures with door openings to each end, allowing a through draft, which is essential on warmer days. For more efficient polytunnel ventilation, a louvre vent panel can also be installed to release the heat that builds up in the upper roof space.

Polytunnel extraction fans - Extractor fans at one end, with auto inlet louvre’s at the other will give a good air movement in the polytunnel regardless of the outside conditions.

Full height or end ventilation - An optional full height 2.5m walk through ventilation system can be supplied on vertically sided polytunnel structures, suspended from a side gutter or the end lintel to allow walk-through access and easy loading of stock as well as efficient ventilation. Operation is via an aluminium roll tube driven via manual gearboxes with a crank handle.

Side ventilation systems

Extra ventilation is essential for polytunnel structures longer than 20m to avoid hot spots in the centre. Side ventilation systems are available as a complete kit that include either a timber or aluminium fixing rail or side aluminium gutters to attach the cladding materials to the frame. Wide mesh netting or windbreak netting is used to contain the roll up curtain.

Contact us to help you choose the right ventilation system for your single and multi-span polytunnel structures. Based in West Sussex, we cater to customers across the UK and the world.

Control temperature and humidity with our range of polytunnel ventilation options.

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