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Butterflies are a great attraction and butterfly farms are a popular way to draw visitors to zoos and visitor centres. Popular with families and school groups in particular, the butterfly farms provide both an entertaining and educational display as well as an important facility for species breeding.

Ideal Butterfly Display and Breeding Housing

Polybuild offers a full range of structures which are usually twin skinned (two sheets of polythene separated with an inflation fan) saving up to 60% on heating costs and reducing condensation. Insect netting is normally suspended inside to provide shade and at both ends an airlock type porch is added to prevent butterfly loss.

Benefits Include:

  • Cost effective design and building.
  • An optimum environment for butterflies can easily be maintained.
  • Optimum plant environment for the butterflies can easily be maintained.


  • British design, manufacture and construction
  • Variable structure widths and lengths
  • Cladding materials in white or defused to give some shading, but we can supply many other types of materials including flame retardant PVC
  • Twin skinning (two layers of polythene) which reduces heat loss
  • Inner net prevents butterflies from sticking to the polythene
  • High stress Z35 steel for extra strength

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