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Polybuild have been manufacturing and supplying growing polytunnels for over 30 years to professional growers and hobbyists. We make a comprehensive range of polytunnels starting at 3m (10ft) through to 10m (33ft) wide and any length.

Larger multispan structures are also supplied so that 1 structure can cover many acres or hectares. Multispan polytunnels come in 3 standard sizes, 6.4m, 8m and 10m wide per span. In addition to the standard sizes we can design and manufacture polytunnel structures to non standard specifications including: Increased height, different cladding material, non-standard widths, spans of different widths…

A polythene tunnel is more cost efficient than a glass structure with the cost of replacing the film cladding every 5 years comparing favourably over the cost of glass maintenance. Technical developments in film cladding make it more flexible and therefore can help improve growth rates, inhibit disease and reduce the use of costly chemicals.

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