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Shade Structures

Often called shade houses or shade tunnels, Polybuild Shade Structures can be used wherever a degree of shading is required for plants and displays, including retail sites and commercial growing centres.

Attractive – Practical – Protective

Enhance the appearance of your Garden Centre with a bespoke shade area that is both functional and visually appealing. Because we design and manufacture our own structures our in-house design team can show you a range of designs, or take your own ideas of how your shade structures should look and make them a reality.

Ideal for both plants and customers browsing your displays, Shade Structures are designed to:

  • Provide the optimum environment for shade loving plants
  • Reduce water loss
  • Provide a better environment for working
  • Protect against snow, hail and heavy rain in the winter months.

Many materials are available with a varying degree of shading of 10% to 100%. Please contact us for more details.


  • British design, manufacture and construction
  • Variable structure widths, lengths and heights
  • Cladding materials in white or defused to give some shading, but we can supply many other types of materials including flame retardant PVC, Paraweb, netting, timber
  • High stress Z35 steel for extra strength

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