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Polypens have a proven track record of providing cost effective protection for livestock of all kinds, particularly during the lambing and calving season.

Benefits of Polypens

Polypens are available in standard sizes of 5.5m, 6.4m, 7.3m, 8m, 10m in single spans, and a full range of multispans, and we can also design any other size of structure you require. The benefits of Polypens include:

  • Cost effective animal housing
  • Protected environment that reduces stress
  • Easier management of sick animals, feed, shepherds and vets
  • Increased lamb survival rate
  • Ventilation netting to both sides to give the optimum environment and thereby reducing respiratory problems


  • British design, manufacture and construction
  • High stress Z35 steel for great strength
  • Cladding with white polythene, or green polythene for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Hoops spacings range from 1m to 2.5m and are dependent on your weather conditions (wind and snow)
  • In the areas of high snow fall, we offer additional sow supports
  • Self installation or a construction service is available

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